Blaster Theory – What’s an Air Restrictor

Hello one and all. Welcome to a new feature here on Foam Dart Goodness – blaster theory. In these posts we’ll be looking at a common thread between a number of blasters and analyising it to better understand it. Why would we want to do that? Because by understanding these basic principals, we can apply these theories to any other new blasters that come out in the future. Step-by-step walk throughs are all well and good when you’re new to the hobby, but to learn things yourself you will have to step out on your own and try things for yourself. Hopefully this series will give you the courage/information to have a go at something new.

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Mod Shop – Nerf Firestrike – AR Removal + Seal Improvement

I have internet! Only took a month and three separate visits from technicians but we got there eventually. I’m sure you all care greatly but writing this from home is significantly more fun.

Cool, now that we’ve got out of the way, lets continue on from where we left off last week. Last week we went through how to remove the air restrictor (AR) in a Nerf Firestrike in a really bodgy manner. This week we’ll do it properly.

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Mod Shop – Nerf Firestrike – AR Removal

Still don’t have internet at home yet (hopefully will by the time you can read this) but that’s what lunch breaks are for at work, right?

This was my first go at the still relatively new Nerf Firestrike and I’m going to have to be the first to admit it, I did this mod really poorly. So instead of my normal ‘how-to’ post, think of this one as a ‘what not to do’ post. I’ll hopefully get a fixed version up next week.

With that in mind, I’m not going to explain how to do it, but rather show you what I did and explain where I went wrong. Overall, I modded this with the same frame of mind as if it was a Nitefinder and didn’t objectively look at the blaster. My bad.

So, one Firestrike.

 photo DSCN8117_zps043e9391.jpg

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Mod Shop – Melee Sword

A few weeks back I went along to my first solely melee based game here in Canberra with a group called The Hundred Swords. After thoroughly enjoying myself in game, I decided it was time to refresh my melee armory with a few new weapons that better suited their rules. First up was a 110cm one handed sword.

I’ll run through what I’ve done for this sword but of course feel free to take the basic principles here and apply it to basically any other weapon.

 photo DSCN8083_zpse6a5dc12.jpg

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Filler post!

Hello all!

As I’m sure you’re all passionately concerned, I’m mostly settled into the new place and the new workspace is awesome. Catch is, no internet connection as yet… Which makes uploading a real post somewhat difficult.

So instead I’m going to bail on a real post and throw up just the two filler photos from the game on the weekend.

First up is the recipient on the FDG Hailfire, David!

David was a first time player with our group on the weekend and made a tremendous effort; being quite effective as both a human and a zombie. A nice side-effect is that the Hailfire is actually his very first blaster as he was borrowing some from a friend to play with on the day. Not a bad blaster to start off a collection with hey?

Hailfire giveaway

Then we have the generic group shot. Great turn out for a great day.

Thanks to Neil and the Canberra & Southern NSW Dart Tag for the photos.

Hopefully we’ll be back to normal by next week sorry people.

Review – Nerf Hailfire – Part 3

Late last year I was gifted the then yet to be released in Australia Nerf Hailfire by the Canberra and Southern NSW Dart Tag group and Hasbro Australia and decided to make a three part review of it. The first was on the performance of the stock blaster, the second on how to modify it, and the third on how it performed in game. We’ve already covered off the first two and given that I don’t yet have an internet connection in the new house as yet and am writing this on my phone, today seemed like the perfect time to post my final reflection piece on the flagship of the new elite line up.

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Mod Shop – Streamline Compatable Nerf Triad and Roughcut

Really quick post this week boys and girls as I’m currently in the process of moving house. Normal services should return shortly after getting settled though as I’ll then have my very own dedicated blaster room! Going to be awesome.

Anyway, another requested post this week. A young bloke by the name of Sam asked me through my Facebook page (which you should all go and Like by the way…) if there was an easy way to mod his Triad so it would fire streamlines. Yes, there is!

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Game – Urban Combat – 24/2/13

Sunday the 24th of February brought us another ‘Urban Combat’ game here in Canberra. Unfortunately, it also brought us a heap of rain… We got two quick warm up games in around the rather interesting urban setting before the rain came and forced us undercover. Conveniently however, there was a relatively large undercover carpark on the ground floor right next to where we were playing so we just migrated in there for the new few hours. The plan was originally to wait out the rain and make our way back outside, but apparently waiting it out wasn’t an option.

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Mod Shop – Nerf Stampede – Black Tactical upgrade kit + AR Removal + Bump Firing Cure

Over a year ago I wrote a post about this very mod. However having recently directed a friend through to my original write-up, I found it was a little lacking. Now I’m not often the first to admit that something I’ve done is crap, even if it is, but given how often I’m spruiking the stampede and the Black Tactical kit, I thought it best to have a do-over.

Today we’ll be performing an Air Restrictor (AR) removal, installing the Black Tactical (BT) kit, and upgrading the voltage.

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