Modification Directory

Non-blaster Specific

Conduit Breech


Tools and Consumables for Blaster Modding




Nerf Blasters

Nerf Alpha Trooper – Air Restrictor Removal + Seal Improvement

Nerf Alpha Trooper – Spring replacement problem solving

Nerf Barricade – Voltage increase, inbuilt voltmetre, safety removal

Nerf Hydro Cannon – Singled

Nerf Jolt – AR Removal

Nerf Jolt – Conduit Re-Barrel

Nerf Longstrike – The Longer Strike – Longstrike Shell/Titan internals

Nerf NiteFinder – AR removal and seal improvement

Nerf Nitron – Voltage Upgrade

Nerf Raider – Air Restrictor Removal + Spring Replacement

Nerf Raider – Paint Job

Nerf Rampage – AR Removal

Nerf Rapidfire – ‘The AS4’ – BBUMB/Rapidfire integration

Nerf Retaliator – AR Removal, Spring Upgrade and Dead Space Removal

Nerf Secret Strike – AR Removal and Barrel Replacement

Nerf Stampede – AR, voltage, BT kit

Nerf Stampede – Shortened

Nerf Stampede – Safety Removal

Nerf Spectre – AR Removal and Spring Pre-tension



Non-Nerf Blasters

Foam Magnum Blaster – Rebarrel

Buzz Bee Tommy 20 – ‘The Storm Tommy’ – Dual Tommy’s

Lanard Triple Shot – Spring upgrade, deadspace reduction, couplered, shell reinforcement





Melee Staff



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