Game – Urban Combat 2: Electric Boogaloo – 25/5/13

Another month, another game here in Sunny Canberra.

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Rule Set – Humans vs Zombies (full rules)

Another reader’s request this week. After posting my first round of game photos I was asked how our games worked. Simple answer is that they vary; we’ll often play many different game types throughout a day, but they’ll all work as a variation to the core rule set. This was based on the original HvZ rule set by HvZ Source, modified for HvZ@ANU, then again for the Canberra and Southern NSW Dart Tag Association.

Canberra and Southern NSW Dart Tag Humans vs Zombies Rules

As at September, 2011


Humans vs. Zombies is a game of tag. Most players start the game as human except for the initial horde of Master Zombies. The zombies can then tag other humans. Humans can defend themselves by using approved weapons (see the weapons section) to stun zombies. The game is typically played over an hour or two; playing multiple games in a single day.

Special missions will be run to add flavour to the game and lead to interesting situations.


The humans’ aim is to survive the zombie outbreak. Individual games have their own storylines and will give humans an opportunity to win. However, the humans must survive for long enough to take advantage of that opportunity. The zombies’ aim to wipe out the humans. They will typically win if all humans are turned into zombies.


The venerable moderators and referees are running the game. They are in charge of administering justice and upholding the rules of the game. Any decision made by a moderator or a referee can only be overturned by a senior admin. Moderators will endeavour to make the best judgement calls they can, in accordance with what they think is a fair and reasonable interpretation of the rules. If a player is unhappy with a moderator decision, it is up to them to locate and consult the other moderators or admins. In the meantime, the original decision holds. Most situations are accounted for in the rules below, but if anything happens which doesn’t seem to have a ruling associated with it, mods should be consulted, and in the meantime you should simply attempt to have fun and remain safe.

A moderator can overrule any of the following rules to make specific exceptions on a case by case basis. These do not necessarily set a precedent, but will be cause for discussion regardless. Moderators can introduce new rules or change existing rules for all players for the game in progress. This is to be avoided and should only be used if major safety issues or major game balance issues arise.

The Rules

These rules are taken very seriously. The moderators reserve the right to ban any player who breaks any rule for the duration of the game/remainder of the day/indefinite future.

Common Sense!

·         Be safe:

·          Don’t do anything dangerous, like climbing trees, jumping off rooftops, running onto roads without looking, using grappling hooks, etc;

·          Behaviour which endangers any player or bystander will not be tolerated.

·         Respect others;

·         Be nice;

·         Have fun!

Signup Rules

The Canberra and Southern NSW Dart Tag group is a social group designed to facilitate games involving foam dart blasters and other associated interests. The group is not an official organisation, does not have a membership base, does not charge a membership fee, does not charge an entry fee (except in rare occurrences where a venue has been hired), and is in no way responsible for any attendees to an event or any actions of any attendee.

Players must be over the age of 16 on the day of the game in question (unless otherwise advised).

Tagging Rules

Humans vs Zombies is primarily a game of tag. The zombies must tag the humans, and when a human is tagged they will become a zombie. The humans can defend themselves by “stunning” a zombie with various approved weapons, which will be explained in more detail in the weapons section.

A tag must be a touch with the zombie’s hand to any part of the human’s body. Anything attached to or worn by the human is considered part of the human’s body. This includes any weapons or any clothing attached to said human. Harassment will be taken very seriously. Zombies should therefore be careful where they put their hands when tagging a human. Also, a tag must not be too hard.

Similarly a human must only stun a zombie using an approved weapon. The zombie’s body extends to all things attached to it. If a zombie has been stunned at the same time as tagging a human, the tag does not count and the zombie is stunned. Avoid headshots. They still count, but make an effort to target other parts of their bodies instead.

Therefore, a tag will be invalid if:

• The tagging zombie had been stunned before the tag;

• The tagging zombie was simultaneously stunned;

• The tag was too forceful;

• The tag was inappropriate for any reason.


If a tag dispute arises it must be resolved in the following manner:

• Both players must be courteous;

• Both players must attempt to resolve the dispute between themselves;

• If no resolution is possible then a moderator must be consulted;

• The decision by the moderator may take factors beyond those listed explicitly listed in the rules into account when making their decision and may be an exception to a rule;

• A decision by a moderator is final and must be fairly accepted by both players, however their decision is only in reference to that particular tag.

When a human is tagged they must; move their bandanna to their neck, return their weapons to a safe location, make their way to a respawn point, move their bandanna to their head and begin playing as a zombie.

When a zombie is stunned by a human, they are to be considered as a ‘stunned zombies’ for game purposes and must place their bandanna around their neck. A stunned zombie cannot tag humans, but they can move around freely. They are not allowed to act as shields for active zombies, and they must get out of the way of any conflicts. Typically the zombie will have to make their way to a designated respawn point (other methods of respawn may be used in specific games). Upon doing so, they can place their bandanna back around their head and return to playing as an active zombie.


Clothing / Bandannas

A player’s bandanna marks their status in the game:

• Around the head: Active zombie

• Around the arm: Active human

• Around the neck: Stunned zombie OR Turning human (either way they’ll be an active zombie soon enough)

The bandannas used in game will typically be bright orange. Therefore, it is reasonable to ask players to not wear a orange shirt of the same shade if they are human, as the bandanna would be too hard to see. Also, for the sake of creating less confusion, the only bandanna to be worn during the game by any of the players is to be the game bandanna. This means, you are not allowed to wear other bandannas in addition to the game bandanna, during the game.

More generally speaking, a player’s bandanna cannot be concealed or obstructed from view in any way. Your bandanna must be visible. Players must wear their bandanna at all times.

Anyone not wearing a bandanna is a non-player. Non-players are not to be disturbed, shot at with blasters or bothered in any way. If a player is found interacting with a non-player in an unsatisfactory way, there will be repercussions.

In general, Players may wear whatever clothing they wish provided it does not obscure the bandanna or could cause concern amongst a reasonable member of the public.

Military/paramilitary clothing is not specifically banned, but common sense must prevail. You must not look threatening. All forms of face coverings are banned.


Weapons / Equipment

Humans are allowed to use weapons to stun zombies. Zombies will be stunned for hit by one of these weapons.

Allowed Weapons

Foam dart blasters (eg; Nerf blasters)

Socks and other soft throw-able items

Soft foam melee weapons (in specific games only)

General Weapon Rules

1.  Weapons must be easily identifiable as toys.

2.   Zombies are not allowed weapons to extend the reach of their tag, or deflect approved projectiles, by using a weapon. Anything attached to a zombie counts as part of that zombie for the purpose of stunning them.

3.  Ricochets count as a stun, but stationary darts don’t count. That is, if a zombie picks up a dart to give it back to a human, it doesn’t count as them getting stunned. However, if a dart bounces off a tree and hits a zombie, then they are stunned.

Blaster Modifications

All modified blasters must be shown to a moderator before being used in the game.

“Modification” entails changing absolutely anything on the blaster. This ranges from any form of painting or external modification and also includes any internal modification.


Paint MUST be bright colours.

Blasters may not be painted in any sort of military camouflage pattern.

If you are painting one of the more realistic looking blasters (eg Nerf LongStrike, Nerf Stampede,  BuzBee DoubleShot) be extra careful.


Most modifications are allowed, however it is always at the discretion of a moderator and you should always exercise due caution. Incredibly powerful blasters (eg; singled titan) are sometimes allowed depending on the game in question, but minimum engagement distances will be enforced. Basically, keep safe and check with a moderator.


You may not modify darts in any way. Only stock, commercially available darts are to be used.

Be conscientious about your darts and the darts of others. Treat other people’s property with respect.

Zombies may return ammunition to a human if they desire. Humans can ask a zombie to return their ammunition, but should be courteous when doing so. Humans should not unnecessarily stun a  zombie in this instance, nor should a zombie attempt to tag a human when returning ammunition. Zombies cannot withhold ammunition. Zombies are free to pick it up only if they’re about to return it.

Make sure you label your darts with a distinctive symbol, so you can tell them apart from other darts. Throughout the course of the day feel free to use any ammunition available and expect that others will do the same with yours. All darts will be sorted at the end of that day, at which point take only what is yours. You will lose darts throughout the course of the day; do not expect a 100% return ratio.

Master/Original/Starting Zombies

The Master/Original/Starting  Zombies (MZ/OZ/SZs) are Zombies from the start of the game. It is their role to get the Zombie population going during the first stages of the game.

1.  They wear their bandannas on their arms like humans until they are revealed.

2.  They may use weapons as a human would.  This means they may stun zombies.

3.  The original zombie may choose when contact becomes a tag.

4.  They CANNOT  be stunned

As soon as an MZ makes their first burst of tags they are revealed and resume play as a stunned normal zombie. From this point forth they are a normal zombie.

A “burst of tags” is defined as a consecutive tags all made 5 seconds of each other. The MZ can be stunned at any time after the first tag, terminating the burst.

At the beginning of the game, nobody will know who the MZs are except the MZs themselves. However, they won’t know the identities of the other MZs.

If a MZ tags another MZ, both will turn to normal zombies. If a normal zombie tags a MZ, the MZ will be turned as normal.

Selection of MZ’s

MZ’s will be randomly selected using a card system. All players will be randomly given a card before the start of the game; which will be clearly labeled with one of the following;

1.  Human/Survivor

2.  Zombie/Infected

3.  Wild (only used in some games)

Players who receive a Human/Survivor card will begin the game as a Human.

Players who receive a Zombie/Infected card will begin the game as some form of MZ, depending on exactly which card was chosen.

MZ’s with an unnumbered Zombie/Infected card are free to make their first tag at any point throughout the game.

MZ’s with a numbered Zombie/Infected card must reveal and make their first tag at a designated time, announced by a whistle blast. Which numbers correspond to which whistle blasts will be explained before the start of the game.

Wild cards are only used during specific games and will have an outcome depending on the specifics involved.



The following are rules which don’t necessarily fit anywhere else. Regardless of this, they are important:

Play your side

This rule is one of the most important in the game, although it doesn’t fit into any of the above categories. This rule means just what it says. If you are a human, you must act like a human. You shouldn’t sacrifice yourself simply to become a zombie because you would prefer that. By the same token, as soon as you are tagged and the tag is confirmed, you must play as a zombie. As a zombie, or even a turning human, you should not tell nearby humans who tagged you or where they are, you should be helping the zombies.

Obey the law

Stealing: Darts and other belongings should be returned to the human that they belong to, as they are the property of that human. Taking them is stealing. Humans should mark their weapons and darts, and post details of their marks on the forum topic concerning marks.

Littering: Both humans and zombies should endeavour to ensure that darts do not remain on the ground, as this constitutes littering, which is unacceptable.

Assault: Players of the game have only consented to being tagged. Any act going beyond this constitutes an assault for which each player is individually responsible.

Respect the group and the environment in which we are playing:  Don’t do anything that would damage property or disrupt other activities.