Blaster Theory – The Difference Between Knowledge and Understanding

Alright, forewarning, I’m going to be getting a little philosophical today so please bear with me. If you’re a regular reader of the Mod Shop posts but don’t stick around for much else, hang around today and you might walk away with a new lease on modding. A lot of what I’m talking about today is more important than the basics of drilling out an air restrictor or the specifics on disassembling your RoughCut. Instead try to think about today’s topics as one of the very fundamentals of blaster modding, but also something you could apply to almost any aspect of your life. Specifically, don’t just remember how to do something, try to understand how it works.

See? I told you we’d be getting philosophical!

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Blaster Theory – What’s an Air Restrictor

Hello one and all. Welcome to a new feature here on Foam Dart Goodness – blaster theory. In these posts we’ll be looking at a common thread between a number of blasters and analyising it to better understand it. Why would we want to do that? Because by understanding these basic principals, we can apply these theories to any other new blasters that come out in the future. Step-by-step walk throughs are all well and good when you’re new to the hobby, but to learn things yourself you will have to step out on your own and try things for yourself. Hopefully this series will give you the courage/information to have a go at something new.

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