This blog will be about all things related to the goodness of foam dart blasters. For most of you this means Nerf guns, but I’m not in love with the term gun nor the brand specific Nerf when talking about my blasters. Therefore Foam Dart Goodness it is! This means I’ll be doing everything from modification walkthroughs for the complete beginner, through to showcasing some of my more advanced blasters, coverage of games I’m able to attend, generic musings I have on blasters in general, and even the odd review.

So who am I and why do you care about what I have to say? Glad you asked! My name is Joe, I’m 26 years old and live in Canberra, Australia. I was introduced to the wonderment of blasters through the brilliant game of Humans vs Zombies at the Australian National University while I was still a student. During my time there I played in two games, moderated one, and even helped run the club as an executive. Since leaving the ANU I started playing games with the Canberra and Southern NSW Dart Tag association, before eventually taking on an admin role. I have a fairly sizable collection of a whole range of different blasters and I’m quite interested in modifying them. I currently take part in about two games a month and practically never miss an opportunity to dispense some foam dart goodness.

Basically, if you’re at all interested in practically anything to do with blasters, stick around, I’m sure you’ll find something that takes your fancy. New posts will be going up weekly, every Tuesday evening.

Don’t forget to ‘like’ the Facebook page and feel free to contact me at foamdartgoodness@gmail.com


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Your write-ups are really clean and comprehensive! (Like SG Nerf’s) However, a couple of pictures/images are missing, no big deal.

    A few questions:
    Where you can you find Wipeout/ Pistol Splat/ Magnum blasters these days? I remember them a while back at Walmart (before I got into modding) and can’t seem to find them anywhere.

    What type of grease/lubrication do you use for the plungers and where can you find it?

    Do you think you could make a NiteMav tutorial or how to Nerf clip adapt a Big Bad Bow using a recon shell or something?


  2. Hi Briguy,

    Thanks! If there are any pictures in particular you feel I’m missing that could help with your efforts, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

    I got my Magnum blaster through private supplier in Queensland, Australia. They’re not particularly easy to find though. No idea where they’re available in the states sorry.

    For lubricants I’m currently using the Orange Mod Works grease, but any silicone grease should be fine.

    Never tried either myself but always willing to have a go. I’ll add them both to the list.


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