Long time no see/what I’ve been up to

Hey kids!

So… it’s been a while…

I am still Nerfing but my involvement in the modding and internet community has taken a massive step back obviously. A lot has changed in my life over the past few years and this blog was unfortunately one of the things that got cut back. I honestly haven’t modified a blaster in well over a year. My attention surrounding blasters has instead been focused on rebuilding my local community and getting consistent local games happening. We’re getting consistent numbers again with a lot of new people so that’s really good to see.

However, for a non-blaster project I’ve been working on recently. I couldn’t help but give you al a heads up at least once. It’s called The Light Clock and it went up on Kickstarter last night. If you’re interested in techy things, or clocks, or design, or really even if you’ve just got two minutes on your hand, do go check it out.




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