Mod Shop – Nerf Speedswarm – Air Restrictor Removal

I’m perhaps a little late to the party on this one, but I only picked up my first Speedswarm the other week. Completely forgot about it even existing until I saw it on sale for $10. At that price I figured it was worth it, even if it was only to have a poke around inside.

 photo DSCN8391_zps841408fd.jpg

With that in mind, today we’ll be running through an Air Restrictor (AR) removal.

Tools/consumables needed

Phillips head screwdrivers
Dremel with grinding wheel
Small round hand file
Small nose pliers

As you would expect, we’ll start off with the blaster in question.

 photo DSCN8391_zps841408fd.jpg

Remove the battery cover.

 photo DSCN8392_zps1f857872.jpg

Then the rest of the screws holding the shell together. They’re all the same so no concerns there.

 photo DSCN8393_zpse39f1f2b.jpg

Normally at this point I’d say to take a minute or two to try and get an understanding of how the blaster works, but in this case we really can’t see much yet as the whole firing mechanism is one sealed unit.

 photo DSCN8395_zps58d2d233.jpg

It’s held together by three screws. Remove those then open cover.

 photo DSCN8396_zps39b2b99f.jpg

The bottoms half is then held in by a further two screws. After they’ve been removed we’ll be able to free it from the shell.

 photo DSCN8397_zps27024f79.jpg

By lifting the plunger tube up and forward, it should come free.

 photo DSCN8398_zpsc28af7b2.jpg

This front end is the part we’re mostly interested in.

 photo DSCN8400_zps0443621f.jpg

Here’s the AR closed.

 photo DSCN8401_zpscac1753f.jpg

And here’s what it looks like when open. Normally a dart would be pushing the orange nub back to open the AR.

 photo DSCN8402_zps9b32d216.jpg

We don’t want any of that so just go to town with your dremel and grind it all away. Be careful not to damage the foam as it forms the seal between the plunger tube and the turret.

 photo DSCN8403_zpse4512916.jpg

Then we can pop it back in the blaster.

 photo DSCN8404_zpsfbab583a.jpg

Next up is the turret itself. From the back, grab and twist with your pliers to snap off the pegs. I’ve done five here to show the before and after.

 photo DSCN8406_zpseaf4b534.jpg

Then clean it up with your hand file.

 photo DSCN8408_zps820c3f7c.jpg

And at this point I’m going to leave you to it. Reassembly is quite straightforward, it’s simply the opposite of how we pulled it apart.

Did we improve the blaster? Probably. I was testing with elite darts and didn’t notice much of a difference in range, maybe only a metre or two, but it sure makes a lot more noise.


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