Mod Shop – Nerf Roughcut – Air Restrictor Removal

Today’s post will be a little different to my standard mod shop posts in that this will not be presented as a full walk-through. This is not a mod I’d recommend for first timers and will therefore only show you enough to do the mod if you were already relatively confident in your abilities.

Got it? Good 🙂

Today we’ll be going through an air restrictor (AR) removal on the recently released Nerf Roughcut.

 photo DSCN8236_zpsaee9b6bb.jpg

Start with the priming grip, then remove the rest of the shell.

 photo DSCN8237_zps91f972ae.jpg

There’s two lengths of screws.

 photo DSCN8238_zps78160f6d.jpg

The three shorter ones go here, at the top of the blaster.

 photo DSCN8239_zpsa6234b1b.jpg

The internals are actually quite simple in their design.

 photo DSCN8240_zpsa35b5763.jpg

I’m a big fan of this cog based setup.

 photo DSCN8241_zpsc1807170.jpg

 photo DSCN8242_zpsc760d7bc.jpg

 photo DSCN8243_zpsccf72818.jpg

The internals outside of the shell.

 photo DSCN8244_zps715d6b86.jpg

Pull the turret (I can’t think of better word to describe it) off the front of the plungers.

 photo DSCN8245_zps2929ac81.jpg

Remove the screws at the back.

 photo DSCN8246_zps832eb9a4.jpg

 photo DSCN8247_zps90647235.jpg

Remove/don’t lose the springs.

 photo DSCN8249_zps67639182.jpg

Pry here.

 photo DSCN8250_zpsd4c4a559.jpg

And here.

 photo DSCN8251_zps36c28e8b.jpg

And here.

 photo DSCN8252_zps8cc2bda1.jpg

And you should be able to separate the middle piece.

 photo DSCN8253_zps85b260fe.jpg

 photo 20130509_163402_zps0064330d.jpg

 photo 20130509_163409_zps80b53002.jpg

Here’s how the turret works. When there’s no dart loaded, this piece is pushed forward by the spring, allowing air to funnel through to the next chamber. If there is a dart loaded, the air is instead funneled to the back of the dart. This is then repeated the whole way down.

 photo 20130509_163724_zps77cc27b9.jpg

Replace the plugs in the middle section.

 photo 20130509_163914_zpse9740ae2.jpg

This is instead the part we’re interested in.

 photo 20130509_163931_zps7036e87a.jpg

Remove the pegs and clean up the holes. Be very careful not to remove too much as there needs to be a near perfect seal between each barrel and it’s plug for the dart selection process to function.

 photo 20130509_164546_zps3e7ebf93.jpg

There’s also these holes on the side.

 photo 20130509_164553_zps01d98972.jpg

Plug those.

 photo 20130509_164817_zpsa8a91e7f.jpg

Then reassemble.

 photo 20130509_164851_zpsb05c164e.jpg

 photo 20130509_164915_zps3557432f.jpg

 photo 20130509_165006_zps27ba66cb.jpg

Again, not a full walk-through this week so I’m going to leave it here. If you’re not yet confident in your modding abilities, don’t try this mod.


2 thoughts on “Mod Shop – Nerf Roughcut – Air Restrictor Removal

  1. What is the aftermath if you do this? I heard some people don’t remove the ar’s because it only shoots about 20 feet after the mod.

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