Mod Shop – Nerf Big Bad Bow – Air Restrictor Removal

The Nerf Big Bad Bow, or BBB for short, has been released in a number of guises over the years. Back when I first started playing with blasters, I remember hearing tales about modified BBB’s that would shoot standard darts hard enough to leave welts. A giant plunger and massive draw resulted in a lot of power when you put that behind a regular old streamline. This seemed so incredibly cool that I just had to have one; only catch was, they weren’t sold in Australia at the time.

However while searching one day, my then housemate Chris came across an online stockist willing to ship. Huzzah! We instantly bought a couple and waited patiently for our order. Some weeks passed but the blasters never showed. Eventually the stockist offered us a full refund, but what we really wanted of course was the blasters. Jump ahead a few years and I bought a whole collection of blasters from a friend wanting to get out of it, including the red beast you see below.

Down the track I might throw some more serious mods at this example, but for today we’ll just be tackling a basic air restrictor (AR) removal. I’ve read many horror stories online regarding how people have ruined their BBB trying to do this mod; it’s no harder than any other blaster, just take your time and don’t lose pieces.

Tools/consumables needed

Phillips head screwdrivers
A long, round hand file or Dremel with grinding bit

As always, the blaster in question.

 photo DSCN8205_zpsdd41a3b5.jpg

We’ll start by prying off the arms. They’re not as hard to get off as you might think.

 photo DSCN8206_zpscce6ab06.jpg

 photo DSCN8207_zps595d2010.jpg

Right, the arms are free, let’s remove the screws holding the front half of the shell together.

 photo DSCN8208_zps0be8181e.jpg

We don’t need access to the back half, so don’t bother removing those screws.

 photo DSCN8209_zps668cbc5d.jpg

There’s really not much to the front of the blaster, but here’s a photo of how it should sit anyway.

 photo DSCN8210_zps620ff395.jpg

This little orange piece here is the part that often causes people grief. Be careful not to lose it or the spring behind it.

 photo DSCN8211_zps59b678e3.jpg

This is where it lives.

 photo DSCN8212_zps52be330f.jpg

 photo DSCN8214_zps3eab2eaa.jpg

There should be two; one from each side.

 photo DSCN8215_zps15a197bf.jpg

Right, now we’ve covered that, lets get to it.

 photo DSCN8216_zps5a6a9d37.jpg

Pull the front of the muzzle off to reveal the plunger head.

 photo DSCN8217_zpsfd9e1e60.jpg

Looking inside, we should find the AR.

 photo DSCN8220_zpsab4934cc.jpg

Then poke the AR out from the front. It should all come out as one piece fairly easily.

 photo DSCN8218_zpsb645c626.jpg

Separate the spring and front stem from the back plate.

 photo DSCN8221_zps60a09be6.jpg

Cut the middle out.

 photo DSCN8222_zps7d5f6889.jpg

Then clean up the middle with your file/dremel.

 photo DSCN8224_zpsa6dbd0f6.jpg

Place it back in the muzzle.

 photo DSCN8225_zps33986666.jpg

Put the muzzle back on the plunger tube.

 photo DSCN8226_zps5a90a48b.jpg

Replace these small orange pieces in the front half of the shell.

 photo DSCN8227_zpsf2fba015.jpg

Put the blaster internals back over the front of the shell.

 photo DSCN8228_zpsa9f624af.jpg

Poke the second small orange piece through the left hand side of the front part of the shell and hold it in place.

 photo DSCN8231_zps08d2b26d.jpg

Then put the shell back together.

 photo DSCN8232_zps18232a93.jpg

Then replace the screws.

 photo DSCN8234_zps055fe278.jpg

I decided to leave the bow arms off and therefore cut the strings at this point, but you can just as easily snap them back into place.

And we’re done!
A simple AR removal that still fires arrows. If you want to mod it to fire darts, find a way of securing your barrel material of choice and away you go.


2 thoughts on “Mod Shop – Nerf Big Bad Bow – Air Restrictor Removal

  1. How do you ruin an AR removal on a BBB? It’s as simple as pulling it out and cutting it off, and IMO is easier than that of clip system blasters. I don’t see how you can mess up pulling out something that’s already quite loose anyway.
    Leaving welts on people is easy. Even with just a stock BBB spring, an NF spring and some PETG, at point blank range and hot glue filled Photon Storm darts I easily put welts into one of my friends. (he actually asked to be shot, so no, I wasn’t abusing my friends :P)
    Considering people usually amp up the springs to at least about 10kg load (I think), putting welts even at range wouldn’t be hard.

    • Most people I’ve heard of who stuff it up either disassemble it too far, or lose some the pieces, and then can’t get it back together.

      Taking apart the back half does require more thought but the front half needed for a simple AR is quite straight forward.

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