Mod Shop – Nerf Firestrike – AR Removal + Seal Improvement

I have internet! Only took a month and three separate visits from technicians but we got there eventually. I’m sure you all care greatly but writing this from home is significantly more fun.

Cool, now that we’ve got out of the way, lets continue on from where we left off last week. Last week we went through how to remove the air restrictor (AR) in a Nerf Firestrike in a really bodgy manner. This week we’ll do it properly.


Tools/consumables needed

Phillips head screwdrivers
A long, round hand file
Hot glue + gun
Teflon tape
Electrical tape

First up, the blaster in question.

 photo DSCN8140_zpsae26094a.jpg

Remove the battery door.

 photo DSCN8141_zpsa25779e4.jpg

Then the shell. There’s seven screws and they’re all identical.

 photo DSCN8142_zps4398e800.jpg

As always, once it’s open, take a good look around and try to get an understanding of how it all works. The Firestrike is one of the simplest blasters ever made so it shouldn’t be hard to figure out.

 photo DSCN8143_zpsedd85fdb.jpg

Take care not to lose this small nut. It’s what the battery door connects to.

 photo DSCN8147_zps0a5698c3.jpg

Lift the whole plunger assembly out of the shell.

 photo DSCN8148_zps71d52274.jpg

Then pull the plunger assembly away form the light.

 photo DSCN8149_zpsf0d2ff11.jpg

With it out of the shell, let’s get to work.

 photo DSCN8150_zpsc46a6bb6.jpg

Remove the plunger.

 photo DSCN8151_zps7dc46bc5.jpg

Pry the top piece off.

 photo DSCN8152_zpse5b8f74f.jpg

Then twist the front barrel away from the main plunger tube. It is incredibly hard to get off if you’re pulling it forward but really easy if you twist.

 photo DSCN8153_zpsc3e9e14d.jpg

Like so.

 photo DSCN8154_zpsd3d33843.jpg

Once the barrel is free, the AR assembly will fall loose.

 photo DSCN8155_zpsd42b6866.jpg

This is where most of our work takes place.

 photo DSCN8156_zps32a2a440.jpg

The new Nerf AR design is really quite clever. With not dart in the chamber, the grey piece here practically seals the air in the plunger.

 photo DSCN8160_zpsb18feb3d.jpg

However when there’s a dart in place, this segment opens up.

 photo DSCN8161_zpsd3fe75dc.jpg

Use a knife to pry the AR assembly apart and we should find the following pieces.

 photo DSCN8162_zps8bc10035.jpg

Again, closed.

 photo DSCN8164_zps37b4c4a7.jpg

Compared to open. See?

As clever as this is though, even when it’s open is is still a fairly serious flow restriction.

 photo DSCN8165_zps7ca6cab8.jpg

Lets start with the back piece first.

 photo DSCN8166_zps23eaa471.jpg

Cut through the three posts securing the middle piece.

 photo DSCN8168_zps40e68b6f.jpg

 photo DSCN8169_zpsca2d4edd.jpg

Then clean it up with a hand file.

 photo DSCN8171_zpsa9826219.jpg

Cut the six stems holding the dart peg in place.

 photo DSCN8172_zps5d9fcf67.jpg

Then clean up the hole with the hand file.

 photo DSCN8173_zps1a06c395.jpg

Reassemble the pieces in this order.

 photo DSCN8174_zps8fd43e8a.jpg

Like so.

 photo DSCN8175_zps3a5a9802.jpg

Then secure the front barrel again.

 photo DSCN8176_zps9119953e.jpg

Now lets work on the seal.

 photo DSCN8177_zps50cec572.jpg

Remove the O-ring.

 photo DSCN8179_zps6367628c.jpg

Plug the holes in the plunger head with hot glue.

 photo DSCN8181_zps677afd84.jpg

Then wrap the head with teflon tape until it forms a good seal. There’s no magic amount here, just trail and error until you’re happy with it.

Once happy, replace the O-ring.

 photo DSCN8182_zpsefecb263.jpg

Pry the front cover from the barrel.

 photo DSCN8183_zpscafb3cbc.jpg

Then wrap the front with electrical tape to block these two holes.

 photo DSCN8184_zps13eac437.jpg

Replace the front cover and the plunger.

 photo DSCN8185_zps83525033.jpg

Slide the plunger assembly back into the shell. Start by putting the light back in the front cover then push it all back in the shell.

 photo DSCN8186_zpscd2a19f2.jpg

Replace the other half of the shell and the battery door and we’re done. One Nerf Firestrike sans AR.

 photo DSCN8140_zpsae26094a.jpg


6 thoughts on “Mod Shop – Nerf Firestrike – AR Removal + Seal Improvement

  1. Good guide, but may not be accurate for some blasters: where you refer to “twist the front barrel away from the main plunger tube”, I’ve gone through this twice now, and both time the orange sections appear to be adhered both to each other and to the plunger tube. First time I actually broke off the two clips completely, and still nothing separated. It’s possible the plastic parts were simply very old and had effectively glued themselves all together due to deteriating, but either way I had to bypass this partly, resulting in having to cut out the AR parts while they were still embedded in the plunger tube and front barrel respectively. Still doable, but more time consuming.

    Would be curious how others might have gone with this? Did I just get unlucky with my two Firestrikes?

    • I think you might have just gone about it the wrong way. Personally, I removed the check valve with a pair of snips while the two parts were together, then pushed the back half off the front with a dowel rod, that way I wouldn’t have to risk cutting in to that piece. Other than that, just take your time and try not to brute force that many pieces.

      • Nope, definitely something appears different between our blasters. Rechecked your pics against my parts, and after looking much closer it really appears like some very light (almost varnish) film is on mine and absent from yours. Every part of my AR assembly is stuck together (albeit not all strongly). Might try a little nail polish polish remover or something to see if that is enough to weaken the bond.

  2. This is true of some of the Nite Finders I own. I pulled out two this evening and found that all the pieces in the AR had been sealed with some kind of super-glue by Nerf. No easy way to access them and pull everything out, which was a disappointment!

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