Mod Shop – Nerf Firestrike – AR Removal

Still don’t have internet at home yet (hopefully will by the time you can read this) but that’s what lunch breaks are for at work, right?

This was my first go at the still relatively new Nerf Firestrike and I’m going to have to be the first to admit it, I did this mod really poorly. So instead of my normal ‘how-to’ post, think of this one as a ‘what not to do’ post. I’ll hopefully get a fixed version up next week.

With that in mind, I’m not going to explain how to do it, but rather show you what I did and explain where I went wrong. Overall, I modded this with the same frame of mind as if it was a Nitefinder and didn’t objectively look at the blaster. My bad.

So, one Firestrike.

 photo DSCN8117_zps043e9391.jpg

 photo DSCN8118_zps8a607a6d.jpg


 photo DSCN8119_zpsf68f8309.jpg

Close up on the internals.

 photo DSCN8121_zps7eba19d4.jpg

 photo DSCN8122_zpsa9d69304.jpg

 photo DSCN8123_zpsdc5c69ab.jpg

Don’t lose this nut.

 photo DSCN8124_zps6ef815ac.jpg

Plunger tube out.

 photo DSCN8125_zps2e802eb9.jpg

Plunger removed..

 photo DSCN8127_zps50e8ab27.jpg

OK, this is the point where it all started to go wrong. Below is picture of what I should have done by separating the plunger tube front the muzzle. Instead what I did was to attack it from the back with a drill and break it.

 photo DSCN8128_zpscc19c9f4.jpg

These little clips are surprisingly easy to get apart if you twist the plunger tube but really hard if you just try to pry them apart.

 photo DSCN8129_zpsf8e5b33c.jpg

Once it’s apart, we can then attack the centre piece which houses the AR. When stock you’ll also have the dart peg extending forward.

 photo DSCN8130_zps53ae4e2f.jpg

Once apart, it was really easy to open this right up with a dremel.

 photo DSCN8131_zps3b99c517.jpg

Then reassemble.

 photo DSCN8132_zps69aa8cdb.jpg

The plunger head has these two small holes in it.

 photo DSCN8133_zps699b9e0a.jpg

Plug those.

 photo DSCN8136_zps8e20a208.jpg

And wrap with teflon tape.

 photo DSCN8137_zps68d3ac60.jpg

Reinsert the light back in it’s housing.

 photo DSCN8138_zps996bcb59.jpg

Slide that back in the shell.
 photo DSCN8139_zps015526fb.jpg

Then put the shell back together.

 photo DSCN8117_zps043e9391.jpg

Again, don’t follow this. This is not a good way of doing this mod. Check back next week.


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