Mod Shop – Melee Sword

A few weeks back I went along to my first solely melee based game here in Canberra with a group called The Hundred Swords. After thoroughly enjoying myself in game, I decided it was time to refresh my melee armory with a few new weapons that better suited their rules. First up was a 110cm one handed sword.

I’ll run through what I’ve done for this sword but of course feel free to take the basic principles here and apply it to basically any other weapon.

 photo DSCN8083_zpse6a5dc12.jpg


Tools/Materials required…

Foam floor mat
Fibreglass rod
Hot glue + gun
Duct tape
Yoga mat


We’ll kick off with the floor mat.

 photo DSCN8046_zpsc2bb21ce.jpg

Trim the jigsaw pieces off the sides.
 photo DSCN8047_zps3f981093.jpg

For the length I wanted, three strips just happened to be the perfect length. I then decided to have them 70mm wide.
 photo DSCN8048_zpsb20d42ba.jpg

Trace the width of the fibreglass rod with the knife to make a small cut, only a few mm deep.
 photo DSCN8049_zpsd7cbe69e.jpg

Then hollow that out as best you can. I found a screwdriver to be about the perfect tool for this.
 photo DSCN8050_zps524efb8a.jpg

We need the core to be able to sit nicely in the channel we’ve just dug.
 photo DSCN8051_zps877480d0.jpg
 photo DSCN8052_zpscd359f82.jpg

After we’ve done two of the floor mats, the core should sit flush between them. You can see here that I’ve done a little too deep at this end.
 photo DSCN8053_zps4dfd77d3.jpg

For the third piece make sure to leave some of the matting full width in the middle. There needs to be some solid matting at the very end of the weapon to make sure the core can’t easily puncture right the way through.
 photo DSCN8054_zpsdc57d902.jpg

Tape the end piece of floor mat to one of the other two.

 photo DSCN8062_zpsc8ab36cc.jpg

Then lay the rod in place.
 photo DSCN8055_zpseeb6f10c.jpg

Wrap some tape around the end of the core to make sure there are no sharp edges that could cut into the matting. photo DSCN8063_zps65d0b9b0.jpg

Then run some glue for the length of the channel, lay the core in place, place some heavy things on it while it sets.

 photo DSCN8064_zps7d9ba451.jpg

Fold the top piece over, tape the final piece of floor mat in place, then run some glue along both the core and the face of the matting so that all three surfaces will be stuck together. Be careful not to use too much glue or get it too close to the edge as the glue will dry hard and won’t be fun to be hit with.
 photo DSCN8065_zps83df8113.jpg

Now we’ll handle the handle….
 photo DSCN8066_zpse1be3eb2.jpg

Cut a small hole next to the core, fill it with glue and insert some rope.
 photo DSCN8067_zpsa451682d.jpg

Run some glue along the handle then wrap the rope around the core. Make sure that it is as tight as possible.
 photo DSCN8068_zps15f9c4da.jpg
 photo DSCN8069_zps97853364.jpg

At the end, trim the rope to the correct length.
 photo DSCN8070_zpse0838b76.jpg

Close it off with some tape.
And I’ve missed a photo here but use some of the offcuts from the floor mats to make a base. Make sure that it adequately covers/protects the core as you don’t want it getting speared into anyone.
 photo DSCN8071_zps76d6237b.jpg

Again using some floor/yoga matting off cuts, make yourself a tip.
 photo DSCN8072_zps5a48d70a.jpg
 photo DSCN8073_zps7bd24fa9.jpg

Use a very small amount of glue to hold them together.
 photo DSCN8074_zps20351a98.jpg
 photo DSCN8075_zpscce496e1.jpg

Cut a strip of yoga mat the same width as the thickness of the ‘blade’ of your sword. This is softer than the floor matting and will provide a nicer surface to be hit with.
 photo DSCN8076_zpsdf6a637c.jpg

Glue/tape the start of it in place.
 photo DSCN8077_zpsd6334992.jpg

Run some glue along the ‘blade’.
 photo DSCN8078_zpsdf9a6cad.jpg

Then tape at varied intervals.
 photo DSCN8079_zps4b460f5a.jpg
 photo DSCN8080_zps17b4fd5b.jpg
 photo DSCN8081_zps742892a1.jpg

And below we should have the almost finished product.
 photo DSCN8082_zps50c6cd33.jpg

Wrap the whole thing in tape to give it a protective top layer but be careful not to wrap it too tight. If you completely compress the yoga mat it will effectively provide no padding.
 photo DSCN8083_zpse6a5dc12.jpg

And there we have it. One foam sword, perfect for melee fighting.


One thought on “Mod Shop – Melee Sword

  1. Not bad man, looks clean and concise. I plan on making one of these myself in the near future, to compliment my home made shield.

    This will certainly aid in the brainstorming department. Kudos on an easy to read write up, and a sexy looking melee weapon.

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