Filler post!

Hello all!

As I’m sure you’re all passionately concerned, I’m mostly settled into the new place and the new workspace is awesome. Catch is, no internet connection as yet… Which makes uploading a real post somewhat difficult.

So instead I’m going to bail on a real post and throw up just the two filler photos from the game on the weekend.

First up is the recipient on the FDG Hailfire, David!

David was a first time player with our group on the weekend and made a tremendous effort; being quite effective as both a human and a zombie. A nice side-effect is that the Hailfire is actually his very first blaster as he was borrowing some from a friend to play with on the day. Not a bad blaster to start off a collection with hey?

Hailfire giveaway

Then we have the generic group shot. Great turn out for a great day.

Thanks to Neil and the Canberra & Southern NSW Dart Tag for the photos.

Hopefully we’ll be back to normal by next week sorry people.


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