Late last year I was asked by a reader to show everyone what blasters I take to a typical game. I kinda did that, but also included a few other things that my housemate and I will normally take to a game.

Ok, starting from the top left we have an esky, gas bottle, a bag full of bbq tools, portable bbq, bags of springs and tools, blaster bag, dart buckets, and the clip bag.

 photo DSCN7174_zpsb8500dd2.jpg

At most games I attend I try to run a bbq for lunch. The theory is that I load up on sausages, bread an drinks before a game. We then sell sandwiches and drinks at effectively cost price.

 photo DSCN7175_zps75eb528c.jpg

I’ve then got two Nerf ammo boxes full of springs.

 photo DSCN7176_zps40d22f02.jpg

The group will run group buys every few months from aftermarket blaster upgrade suppliers. I’ll normally pick up a few extra things to cover any players who miss out on the group buy to cover us between orders.

 photo DSCN7177_zpsc9e11a5c.jpg

All of which were recently reorganised.

 photo DSCN7178_zps57850382.jpg

In the next bag we’ll find tools and electrical components.

 photo DSCN7179_zpsc886d478.jpg

Upvolted batteries, battery holders, convertor shells, chargers, and modified stampede trays. All standard kit available for purchase at or below individual cost price at our games.

 photo DSCN7180_zps76a40bf1.jpg

Tools! Most of these have been covered off in my post last year on Tools and Consumables. Although this is a smaller subset that comes to games. Being able to fix blasters there and then is always a nice touch.

 photo DSCN7181_zps8b976d9f.jpg

There’s two different dart buckets; the first for streamlines/elite darts (yes, there’s very few elite darts in there at the moment, I’m trying to run through my stock of streamlines before moving fully across).

 photo DSCN7182_zps9e2283a7.jpg

I also like to keep a marker-jig in the dart bucket as well. My tag for darts is two red stripes so the jig makes things significantly easier.

 photo DSCN7183_zps0b3b0943.jpg

The second bucket then contains whistlers, suctions, taggers, etc.

 photo DSCN7184_zpsf89b9816.jpg

Now we actually get to the fun stuff. Clips on the left, blasters on the right.

 photo DSCN7185_zps773cd310.jpg

The clip bag…

 photo DSCN7186_zpscdaaffd3.jpg

In which you’ll currently find 8 drums, 3 double 18 clips and an assortment of 6 clips.

 photo DSCN7187_zpsee3bb492.jpg

The blaster bag…

 photo DSCN7188_zps77b5b08a.jpg

In which you’ll currently find two Rampages, one Raider, two Stryfes, one Hailfire, one Stampede, three Triads, three Firestrikes, a Retaliator and a Foam Magnum.

One Rampage has a BT spring (writeup here), the other is stock.
The Raider has a Black Tactical v2 spring (writeup here).
The Stryfes both have their safeties removed and have been upvolted (writeup here).
The Hailfire has been minimised, upvolted and had the clip advancer improved (writeup here).
The Stampede has been minised, has a BT kit, upvolted, and an inbuilt volt-metre (writeup here)
Two triads are stock, the other has an aftermarket spring.
The three Firestrikes are all still stock (just haven’t had the time to mod them yet).
The Foam Magnum has been simplified and has a brass barrel (writeup here).
The Retaliator has a stock NiteFinder spring in addition to the stock spring (writeup here). There’s normally a second Retaliator but I broke mine at the last game. Something’s jammed inside it and it won’t cock. I’m sure it’s fixable, just need to get around to pulling it apart.

 photo DSCN7189_zps389f6800.jpg

Why so many blasters? Depends what I’m feeling for a game. I rarely take more than one blaster on me at a time though. The exact makeup of blaster in the game bag also changes fairly regularly, as I like to make sure I try out lots of different blasters.

Playing to win? Stampede with 2×18 clips – Good range, great rate of fire, not the best at everything but handles more situations better than any other blaster.

Still want to be competitive but want to work a little harder? Raider/Rampage – Same pros as the Stampede, just a little bit worse at everything.

Lots of running? Retaliator with a 6 clip or two – Never going to be as good as the above two options but still good fun. Also the default choice for games where we limit people to 6 clips.

Pistol round? Foam Magnum – No brainer, stupid range and still easy to use. The FireStrikes are mostly there as loaners in case other players don’t have any single shots.

Triad and Stryfe? Haven’t actually used either in a game yet. The Triads are stupidly good fun when messing about around the house, not convinced they’ll be the next big thing in games but should be fun all the same. Stryfes I’m just not quite sure on yet. They could be good, but they’ll probably just end up being worse than a Stampede on all fronts. Still willing to give them a shot though.

Hailfire? Continuing on from these posts, I though the Hailfire *could* have some potential. Having played with it in a few games so far, I don’t like it as much as my stampede. Yes it carries an incredible number of darts but then it gets heavy, it needs two hands and despite it being vastly improved over stock, I don’t like the clip advancement mechanism. Expect a full post on the in-game abilities of the Hailfire in the not to distant future.

What’s missing? I’ll sometimes throw a decently modded Longshot in the mix. The range is fun but it doesn’t suit my play style.
There will be a RoughCut or two added shortly. In the process of modding one at the moment which will need play testing.
A couple of Rayvens were in there recently but were removed once the Stryfes appeared.
Might bring a BBUMB or Triple Shot if I’m feeling overly adventurous on occasion.

 photo DSCN7190_zps6a3170b7.jpg

Finally we have the bag full of spare batteries. I think this was a gift bag I got a bottle of wine in this Christmas? Either way, it was in the house at the right time to get co-opted into new duties.

 photo DSCN7191_zps17a79643.jpg

A healthy range of standard AA’s and 14500’s.

 photo DSCN7193_zps9913fb75.jpg

And there we have it folks. You asked, so I showed you what I take to games.


3 thoughts on “Loadout

    • Thanks man. I enjoy this kind of post because it’s more personable, rather than just modding facts. If others like it too I might have to do more in this style.

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