Mod Shop – Nerf Rayven – Safety Removal

I’m a little late to party on this one but thought it was still worth doing. I actually picked up a pair of Rayvens the day they became available in Australia, a good couple of weeks before they were supposed to be released, but never got around to doing anything with them. With the break over Christmas just gone, I decided to change that. With that in mind, today we’ll be running through a safety removal on the Nerf Rayven. Before others ask I’m not sure if the internals of the Elite Rayven are identical, but the same principles should apply.

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Mod Shop – Nerf Rampage – BlackTactical Spring Replacement + Safety Removal

This will be my second write up on the Nerf Rampage. In the first post we went through a basic air restrictor removal. That was a nice start to an already decent blaster but Black Tactical is now stocking replacement springs for the Rampage/Retaliator and wow but are they fun. I’m quite a fan of this rampage at the moment but friends who I’ve done the same swap for have complained that it’s too hard to prime. Not for the feint of heart or arm then!

I had just picked up a brand new Rampage for the purposes of this mod so we’ll be running through the AR removal again. Because the BT spring is shorter than the stock spring, we also need to remove.bypass most of the stock locks.

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Mod Shop – Nerf Stryfe – Voltage Upgrade and Safety Removal

Welcome back boys and girls! It’s February and it’s time to get back into posting. I’m a little sad for this post because I’ve seen a few mod guides on the Stryfe appear over my time off and I kept wanting to link people back to this post to answer a question, but it wasn’t public yet so I couldn’t. Sad face; I know. Anyway, enough stuffing around, lets get to it. Today we’ll be running through a safety removal and voltage upgrade on the newly released Nerf Stryfe.

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