Mod Shop – Nerf Super Soaker Hydro Fury

Look how tiny it is; isn’t it a cute little water blaster…

Cool, got that out of the way up front then. This week we’ll be converting the smallest Super Soaker in the current lineup to a rather strange looking dart blaster. With Summer approaching fast here in Australia I’ve gone and grabbed an assortment of water based blasters recently with the intention of using some of them for water based games, but honestly mostly for converting to shoot darts. This is by no means a complicated mod here, basically all we’re doing is jamming a barrel on the end of the nozzle, but this is a surprisingly easy way to get a decent amount of power out of interesting blaster. Well, it normally is… Due to the rather interesting trigger setup on the Hydro Fury, we’ll never get crazy power out of it without completely redesigning the tank release mechanism. This is nothing like singling a Hydro Cannon or Shot Blast for example; I’m sure you could get impressive ranges out of the tank, and I do intend to try, but not easily.
Ok, enough stuffing about, lets get to it.

Tools/materials required

Phillips head screwdriver
General adhesive (I used Tarzan’s Grip)
Hot glue + gun
Dremel with cutting disc and grinding wheel

As always, we have the blaster in question.Photobucket

Start by removing end cap.


Then the seven screws holding the shell together. You don’t have to touch the one in the pump handle.


Have a look around the internals and try to get an understanding of how it all works. In the case of the Hydro Fury, there’s really not much to it.


The pump pressurises the tank, and the trigger pulls this arm off the hose between the nozzle and the tank.


That’s literally all there is to it.


Cool, lets continue by removing the internals from the shell.


Lets look at that trigger once again.

Trigger at rest, stopper closed.


Trigger pulled/stopper open.

It’s just so simple. I don’t like it from a modding perspective, but from a design perspective, it’s brilliant.


Remove the nozzle cover, cut your chosen barrel material to length, glue it to the nozzle. Ideally this should create a good seal, but double chucking the seal with some hot glue never hurt anyone.


In this case I’ve used a 70mm length of 16mm conduit as that’s what gave me the best performance. I’m sure you could use anything you wanted though.


Grind out the nozzle surround so your barrel fits, then replace the internals in the shell.


Do the same to the other half of the nozzle surround.


Replace the other half of the shell.


You could stop at this point, but I had a piece of left over ‘Nerf orange’ tube from a Stampede sitting on the floor next to me when I was finished.


I thought it looked good so it got glued on…


That’s all kids! One Super Soaker Hydro Fury that now shoots darts.

With 50 pumps I’d get 5-6 shots that would all get ~8m flat. It’s by no means amazing, but I think it’s cool. The pump it before a game then get half a dozen shots off without repumping kinda appeals to me. I’m sure I’ll use this when I feel like messing around in a game.


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