HvZ@ANU Part Two – Another YouTube Special

So a few weeks back I made a post about some reminiscing about HvZ@ANU after catching up with some of the founders. I didn’t mention this at the time but that then lead to finally organising a HvZ@ANU Reunion event. Fast forward to the weekend before last and the day was upon us; an afternoon of HvZ followed by a party that evening.

The games saw the return of Eleanor, the Nerf Flamethrower.


The party had more pizzas than we knew what to do with.


And look at that receipt.



Myles (the founding club president) explained why everything ever happened anywhere.


I exist in multiple forms at once; some with bigger hair than others but both with stupid faces.


And Chris (our second president) looks impressed.


The Riverina Dart Tag Facebook page has awesome coverage of the games we played that day, but I’m mostly here to share the slideshows I made for the party. These give a good overview of the evolution of the club and bring up a bunch of happy memories.

Foundation – Where it all came from

Game One – A massive learning experience for all. I’m the guy in the cape, look at all that sexy, sexy hair (said hair hasn’t been that long for quite some time).

Game Two – My first go at moderating. Again, I’m the guy in the cape, although this time it’s white as I was an NPC. Check the brilliance of my mate Chris with his dual Storm Tommy’s.

Game Three – If you’re not noticing the trend yet, I’m the guy in the cape again, although this time with added morph suit.


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