HvZ@ANU – A YouTube Special

Hello boys and girls!

A few days ago I went had a couple of drinks with some of the founders of HvZ@ANU (the whole reason I got into blasters in the first place) which lead to some reminiscing. While the club was alive I became quite good friends with a whole bunch of people I wouldn’t have otherwise met, and this was the first time in a good while that I’ve been able to catch up with some of them. This then seemed like a good excuse to share some of our old videos with you.

Game One – A massive learning experience for all. I’m the guy in the cape, look at all that sexy, sexy hair (said hair hasn’t been that long for quite some time).

Game Two – My first go at moderating. Again, I’m the guy in the cape, although this time it’s white as I was an NPC. Check the brilliance of my mate Chris with his dual Storm Tommy’s.

Game Three – If you’re not noticing the trend yet, I’m the guy in the cape again, although this time with added morph suit.


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