Mod Shop – Nerf Jolt – AR Removal

Yay Jolt!

So these only arrived in Australia a few weeks ago but I still took my sweet time in grabbing some. As a result I haven’t actually had a chance to use one in a real game, only messing about with my housemates around the house. Initial impression is that the Jolt is good, fun, simple blaster. It probably won’t ever be a main-stay, but it’s pretty well ideal for stuffing around.

I’ve read a bunch of “walkthroughs” that have suggested either cutting the back off or to smash through it with a screwdriver, and I’ve also heard mixed reports on results. I was therefore curious as to whether or not cutting was was required and if it could be improved upon. Sure enough, the back of the blaster was indeed glued, but I wasn’t willing to call it there. Turns out you can get an improvement out of a simple AR removal and there was no cutting required.


Tools/Materials required…

Assortment of drill bits and drill
Hot glue + gun


As always, we’ll kick off with the blaster itself.


Looking down the barrel we can see the AR.


Grab the dart peg with a pair of pliers and break it off.


Remove the four screws at the bottom.


Which will let us take the plunger out.


Looking down the plunger tube we can now see the AR quite clearly.


And here’s the same shot with with a screwdriver pushing it back.


Work out how far you’ll need to drill in to attack the AR and mark the bit with tape.This way wen you do drill through the AR, you know where to stop so as to not go through the back of the blaster.


Like so.


Go to town on that AR. Unfortunately I couldn’t actually get any photos that effectively showed what was happening here so you’ll just have to take my work for it. The AR is sprung and slightly larger than the front barrel, so drilling straight though it won’t do. Instead, drill one big hole through it from the front, then turn it 90 degrees using a screw driver from the bottom, then drill another smaller hold through the now exposed side of the AR. It should now be in small enough pieces that it simply falls out the front.

The first time I did this it took a good 15 minutes or so to figure out how, the second one would have been <5 minutes from start to finish.


Once the AR is out, screw the plunger back in and we’re done.


Range of the stock blaster was ~10m.
Range of the modified blaster is ~12m.


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