Mod Shop – Secret Strike – AR Removal and Barrel Replacement

Ahh, the Nerf Secret Strike. Somewhat of a novelty amongst the blaster enthusiasts of the world, it mostly gets a pretty good wrap. It’s simple, small and good fun to mess around with; what’s not to like? It is relatively powerful out of the box, but there’s always room for improvement!

This week we’ll be doing a simple barrel replacement and AR removal. The small tank inside the blaster is pretty good to begin with, so we’re just going to improve the seal between the dart and the barrel, and remove the flow restriction.


Tools/Materials used…

Screw driver
Generic glue (I used Tarzan’s Grip)
Hot glue gun + glue
Dremel, complete with cutting wheel
20mm length of 15mm PVC
~80mm PETG (or other suitable barrel material)
Electrical tape


As always, we’ll start with the blaster itself.


Remove the screws on the other side and the shell should pry apart easily. We’ll be left with the internals as below.


Grab your Dremel and cut off the stock barrel which also includes the AR. Cut at the line below, being careful not to damage the tank itself.


Close up of the front.


Grab your Dremel again and clean up the bottom, and cut a small slot under the tank.


Cut yourself a small section of 15mm PVC, slide it over the tank and glue it into place.


Grab your chosen barrel material and wrap the end in electrical tape until it nests neatly in the PVC.


Test fit until it’s tight.


Once you’re happy with it, glue it into place.


Grab your hot glue gun and go to town on that sucker. Make sure that both the connections between the tank and the PVC, and the barrel and the PVC, are both air tight.

Cut away enough of the shell until it fits back over the internals (no photos sorry but fairly self explanitory), put the shell back on and we’re done.


Stock ranges were around the 12m mark.
Modded, it’s now hitting about 18m.


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